Bloggers Night-Out with Nuri Sushi

nuri sushi factory

Nuri Sushi Factory opened a new branch in Durbanville a few weeks ago, and hosted a few bloggers for a delightful dinner. I'm a HUGE sushi lover so this, for me was like walking into "sushi heaven". We could basically order anything off the menu, including their new additions. They don't just serve sushi, but other seafood too. This adds variety to their menu, especially for those who don't have a penchant for sushi. I obviously had a bit of both.



The plate presentation was lush! I LOVE  how creative they are in the presentation of the food. It's literally "Picture Perfect". The portions are great too and will definitely leave you lip-smacked! The staff were so warm and welcoming and the service was EXCELLENT!



The restaurant is very spacious with funky wallpaper graphics, and has a neat open plan kitchen. I like how simple they've kept the interior of the restaurant, placing all the attention into the tantalizing food.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend that you visit Nuri Sushi Factory Durbanville!


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