Travel on a budget: The best time to buy airline tickets

Tips on the best time to buy airline tickets.

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When is the best time to buy airline tickets? This is question I'm sure many of you have asked. I definitely have and had no idea until doing research and noticing a pattern. For instance, it has been noticed that there is a marked difference in prices quoted for afternoon flights, as opposed to morning flights. Also keep in mind that certain destinations are also season dependent. This obviously has an effect on airline prices, alongside other possible factors, such as an increase in oil, airline competition and even socio political status.

It has been established that national flights in between our busy metropolitan hubs such as CPT and JHB is one of the most busiest routes in the world. I'm always pricing tickets for the Cape Town to Johannesburg route and noticed that tickets are sold out rapidly. Interesting right?! Well on that note, I've teamed up with Travelstart, Africa's leading online travelling agency, to give you some tips and tricks on the best time to book your airline tickets.




One of the cheapest days to book your domestic flight, is on a Tuesday followed by Wednesday. If you're travelling for leisure, then I strongly suggest booking an early morning flight- research, including my own, suggest that afternoon flights tend to be more expensive. This could be due to an influx of businessman/businesswomen travelling to and from our major cities. Further consideration of costs, is that flights are cheaper  when bought outside of local peak holiday season, specifically during the months of February and August.

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While doing research on booking flight dates, I noticed that it's more pricey to travel on weekends, including public holidays and during school holidays. There is a marked increase in prices during the months of December, January and July, also known as "peak season". Big events such as The Cape Town Cycle tour will also spark an increase in airline tickets, so try to avoid these days if you're on a budget. Flying abroad can also be extremely pricey, however here are a few tips on when to travel to save costs.


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We all know that Thailand, Mauritius and Bali are South African favourites and also known to be cost effective. But did you know that there are quite a few other holiday destinations that offer good value for money too? New York, Mozambique, Egypt and Turkey are just a few examples that spring readily to mind. The cheapest time to fly out of SA is during the months of May, October and November.  The best time to book your ticket is generally early Wednesday morning, this being due to further discounted ticket sales.

Fun fact: Most discounted tickets can be found on a Sunday and Monday night, carrying over to
Tuesday and early Wednesday morning. Interesting right?!

To save, try to avoid travelling during peak season, as everything including accommodation will be quite costly.  Also keep an eye out for world famous events and festivals, as this will also impact your ticket price.

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