Life Changes


Hi guys!

Wow, it’s been awhile since my last blog post. 2018 has been extremely hectic, but I’m back and thought to share a quick update about what has been happening in my life and the changes that took place.

I’m sure most of you have noticed that I’m no longer as active on social media as before. I’m pretty sure you’ve also seen that I’m back in the design industry and no longer working in fashion at Fairlady.

I started blogging just before I started my 6 month journey at Fairlady magazine. I got an opportunity to work as a fashion assistant and thought to give it a go. I then left my job as a Junior Graphic Designer and started my new venture in the fashion/media industry.


Life change


As mentioned before, this was only a 6 month contract, but I went with it anyway, mostly for the experience, and also hoping it would bring me more opportunities in the fashion industry.  After working a few months,  I was so amazed by the lifestyle, but simultaneously, I suffered major anxiety.

Attending exclusive events and mingling with our local celebs was part of my job, and it became very overwhelming. There were numerous occasions where I felt like an outsider, but at the same time really loved the fashion side to it and felt “at home”. Everything was always about “image” and “cliques” and it became exhausting.

Something I also couldn’t help but notice, was how bitchy and pretentious some people in the industry were. Don’t get me wrong , there were a few genuine souls whom I met along the way, which made events a bit more pleasant. I also thoroughly enjoyed being on-set for fashion shoots, attending fashion shows, styling and assisting with trend research.     

Long story short - my contract ended and I now run the design department at a signage company. I also have my own "little baby" called T-on-Trend Designs, which keeps me busy throughout the year. I had a lot of time on my hands while working at Fairlady, but that completely changed after I left,  which is why I’ve been so quiet. 



Besides adapting to my new job, I also suffered extreme heartache after my grandmother's sudden passing. This was a complete shocker and I just needed some time and space to clear my head.

2018 has been one of the most challenging years for me, both mentally and emotionally, but through challenges we grow. 

I’m so excited to see what 2019 brings and truly believe that everything happens for a reason. We are meant to go through certain life experiences in order to learn and grow. We are faced with many challenges throughout life, but we need to remind ourselves that this too shall pass and better things are yet to come. Change can sometimes feel very overwhelming, but what is life without change right? 

I hope you all had an amaaaazing start to 2019 and may all your dreams and goals that you set aside for this year come true!


Sending Love and Light your way xx


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Teds Adventure

Ted Baker

Two weeks ago I attended the new Ted Baker store launch at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. This was by far, one of my favourite events I've attended this season.

We went on a little adventure to the top of signal hill,  where we were welcomed with treats and chilled lemonade. Not only was the scenery amazing, but the set-up too. The staff were friendly and welcoming, looking on-point, dressed in Ted Baker. We socialised and enjoyed some yummy food, before heading off to the store.

Can I just say, if you havent been inside the store, you need to go!

It's so pretty, and their bags are AMAZING! They have a stunning, stylish selection of clothing, with bold prints, for both men and women. Their style being very dapper and lady-like, as the store is filled with pretty dresses, bags, shirts and ties. We were each given a Ted Baker bag, his and hers Ted Baker cups, and a  cool note book with stickies.

A BIG THANK YOU to the Ted Baker team, designers and JK PR for an amazing event.

Below are a few images of Teds 6 star Adventure Trip x

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RockDove Designs

Ever experience having a mini heart attack thinking you've lost your purse/wallet, bag, or even your camera, only to find out that you forgot it in your car? ( This happens to me all the time ! ) 

What if I told you that there are now high-end products being made which allows you to track your misplaced items using your smartphone. YES this is real, and that is what makes RockDove products so amazing.

RockDove is a UK based accessory design company that specialises in creating quality leather products with a built-in bluetooth tracking device, which allows users to track there misplaced items using there smartphone.

Their product range includes  tote bags, briefcases, wallets, clutch wallets, travellers wallets, camera slings, and baggage tags. RockDove embeds each item with a built-in bluetooth tracking device. The device is mounted on a flexible board discreetly tucked away in each of its products. Although hidden from plain view, it allows users to track their most essential belongings via smartphone or tablet.

Not only does the tracking chip guide the owner to the exact location of their product if misplaced, for added security, users can also set an alert to be notified if a product is taken out of a certain radius. Further to that, if the product leaves the Bluetooth range of 100 meters, it can be found using a feature known as CrowdGPS. Each chip can be charged using its wireless charger, which also doubles as a 8000 mAh portable battery pack to charge other devices on the go..   

RockDove has launched their Online Store, and, with a small shipping fee, you can make your purchase anywhere in the world.


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T-on-Trend SAMW Banner


Thursday 7 July – made my first appearance at SAMW, and all I can say is “WOW!” 

I met so many, passionate and creative people from the fashion industry. The show was absolutely stunning!

The designers outdid themselves and are making a huge mark in the fashion industry. They showcased so many different prints, designs, cuts, and colours I loved, and I can’t wait to see these on the streets of South Africa.

It’s so refreshing to see the previously “girly colours and trends” being utilised in different male designs nowadays. It is liberating to be living in an era of ever-changing mens fashion where boundaries are constantly shifting.

Here are a few of my favourite designs from SAMW

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A Walk Through Nature


Hey Beauts !

Here are a few photo's from my very first blog shoot I did. I've become addicted to The Fix...Like i'm so impressed with their new clothing range that I find myself at a store every weekend. Big ups to there new look/brand/style ! 

Olive Green Waterfall Jacket - The Fix

Ankle Boots - Woolworths

Grey Turtle Neck Bodycon Dress - Kelso Edgars


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