One thing I'm currently struggling with is time management. Working full-time, heading to the gym and managing T-on-Trend Designs can be extremely overwhelming. I barely have time to do lunch-prep for the week, and packing lunch in daily can also take up time, but LANCEWOOD has now made life a bit easier, tastier and less time-consuming! 
LANCEWOOD has expanded their dairy products by introducing three new tasty spreads to their product range. - Plain, Marmite and Chocolate.  I've tried and tested the plain full-cream spread on Provita biscuits with peperdews and some black pepper, and WOW,  it was delish and also easy to make! I love that all LANCEWOOD products use real diary, combined with good nutrition, including probiotics. This is extremely good for you and helps cleanse your digestive system. 
LANCEWOOD cheese spread is pocket friendly, only retailing at R34.99 per tub and can be found at all major supermarkets. This range is super versatile and can be used for almost anything-  from crackers, to smoothies,  to pancakes, to cake.  Amazing right?! You'll definitely have your guests, kids, friends and family raving about this new tasty range. 
Click on the link below for appetizing recipe ideas!

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