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Ever experience having a mini heart attack thinking you've lost your purse/wallet, bag, or even your camera, only to find out that you forgot it in your car? ( This happens to me all the time ! ) 

What if I told you that there are now high-end products being made which allows you to track your misplaced items using your smartphone. YES this is real, and that is what makes RockDove products so amazing.

RockDove is a UK based accessory design company that specialises in creating quality leather products with a built-in bluetooth tracking device, which allows users to track there misplaced items using there smartphone.

Their product range includes  tote bags, briefcases, wallets, clutch wallets, travellers wallets, camera slings, and baggage tags. RockDove embeds each item with a built-in bluetooth tracking device. The device is mounted on a flexible board discreetly tucked away in each of its products. Although hidden from plain view, it allows users to track their most essential belongings via smartphone or tablet.

Not only does the tracking chip guide the owner to the exact location of their product if misplaced, for added security, users can also set an alert to be notified if a product is taken out of a certain radius. Further to that, if the product leaves the Bluetooth range of 100 meters, it can be found using a feature known as CrowdGPS. Each chip can be charged using its wireless charger, which also doubles as a 8000 mAh portable battery pack to charge other devices on the go..   

RockDove has launched their Online Store, and, with a small shipping fee, you can make your purchase anywhere in the world.


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